PPP Lab RNA Tape Station Protocol

Agilent Tape Station 4200


  1. Take RNA Tape and buffer out of fridge 30 minutes beforehand to allow it to equilibrate to room temperature
  2. Take ice bucket out of the -20 and put in the RNA ladder (kept in -20) and your RNA sample aliquot tubes (kept in -80)
  3. Turn on TapeStation, laptop, and Thermocycler


  1. Take out appropriate number of Tape Station strip tubes and tube caps (located F drawer 11)
  2. Vortex and spin down buffer, ladder, and samples
  3. Add 5µl RNA buffer each to the number of tubes needed + 1. The first tube is always the ladder
  4. Add 1µl RNA ladder to the first tube
  5. Add 1µl of each sample to each sample tube

Ex: Tubes Ex

  1. Put on tube caps and vortex for 1 minute in IKA vortexer
  2. Spin down tubes
  3. Turn on Thermocyler. Login to JONP (1234). Put tube strip(s) in Thermocyler and balance for the lid. Run program rna denature
  4. Spin down tubes
  5. Open TapeStation Controller program and make sure connection to Eve is good
  6. Put in tape and check expiration date
  7. Take off tube caps and place tubes in Eve with the ladder in position A1
  8. Name tube positions in TapeStation Controller program
  9. Start and relax!


  1. The TapeStation Analysis software should open by itself
  2. View the traces with the Electropherogram option
  3. File -> Create Report
Written on March 7, 2019