Fledgling scientist and artist living in Rhode Island

Lab Manager and Research Assistant for the Putnam, Puritz, and Prada Labs at the University of Rhode Island

Marine Inverts!

Putnam Lab Eco-physiology and environmental epigenetics of marine invertebrates

Puritz Lab Understanding how natural and anthropogenic processes affect the evolution of marine populations

Prada Lab Combining ecology and evolution to understand patterns and processes underlying biodiversity


Current Projects

I am taking 2 graduate classes this semester! Check out their GitHub repos:

Using Genomic Techniques to Examine the Evolution of Populations

Evolutionary and Ecological Genomics

Lab Notebooks and Projects

Putnam Open Lab Notebook Open for Science, My goal is to facilitate scientific advancement through the open sharing of data and analytical approaches. As with science, this notebook is a work in process, hopefully advancing with every iteration.

Narraganset Bay eDNA Project GitHub repo for a beginning project for long term eDNA monitoring of Narraganset Bay

Check out the awesome stuff that my undergraduate lab does!

The Moore Laboratory of Zoology at Occidental College. Their Instagram is particularly amazing, and I’m not just saying that because I took some of the pictures on there :)


Social Media Links, and More Importantly My Naturalist-App Profiles